Thursday, May 10, 2012

Samsung Tablet..

Issyyy..dah bersawang blog nih..hehehe...Apasal tah...lama dah x berbelog...Ni nak citer pasal Samsung tablet..Apa yang bestnya Tablet ni? Apa yg x bestnya? I'll try to compare dgn hp yg I pernah ada jer..hehehe..x banyak pun..

Sebelum tergedik2 nak beli Samsung Tablet ni, I ada baca review sana, review sini. Masa tu tengah pakai HTC Cha Cha.. far, Cha Cha can be my favorite except for its battery life. It sucks. It needed to be charged a few times a day even though I did not use wifi or internet connection. What I like most about Cha Cha is the keypad. Unlike Blackberry or Blueberry or other phone in it's league, the keypad is awesome and easy to press. It is also a touch screen and easy to connect to a laptop and have a universal charger that could be shared with a few of Nokia models (recent models). But, as a person that spend most of the time traveling, battery life is the essential part to consider for a mobile phone. So, I have to put down Cha Cha and look for another mobile phone with longer battery life and have more useful function to beat the best part of Cha Cha. Cha Cha produce good pics too (but not as good as iphone)..hehehe. 

While searching, I stumbled upon Galaxy Notes and Tablet (7.0 & 10). Galaxy Notes is sooooo tempting..But its price...?? I would not afford it even if I could..hehehe..And Tablet 10 is not impressive enough..As I considered I already have a laptop, why should I bring along (another) something big in my bag? No..then, I would have to change my handbag..hahaha..what a convenience..

Then, a few friend suggested that I take a smaller tablet. So, when I review Tablet 7.0, it is still in the high price list..It's better if I take Galaxy Notes. It is smarter and can make call as well. But then, I came across Tablet 7.7 that yet to be launched. This one has a few application than stand above Notes and Tablet 7.0:
  1. It has words, excel and power point application that I could read and write using that apps.
  2. It is a phone.
So, the first beats Notes, and the second beats tablet 7.0. But I did not buy it though because it is launched with the price over than 2k..I keep it on hold, waiting for the price to go down.

Unfortunately, my lappie went down first. It suddenly does not work anymore. Sob...sob..And, having a lappie is important during study. Especially when I needed to read and write and edit document. So, I took Tablet 7.7, and let go of my Cha Cha, putting aside the price thing.

Well, so far, it is way much better than Cha Cha. The size is considered is not too big (like ipad) to be carried around and it is slim. So, it fits nicely in my handbag. It comes with soooooo many apps (Samsung provide) that are not necessary (for me) and could not be removed or uninstalled..*sigh..The pics display is goooooodd..(LED maaa). But the quality is yet to be compared (maybe with iphone *again)..hahaha

Another issue I have with my Tablet is...the headphone Samsung provided is not convenient to receive or make phone calls. I'd still need to turn on speaker which is a nuisance especially when we are having a private calls (which is most of the time). Maybe its the headphone or maybe its the tablet itself. I need to ask Samsung about this matter. So, if this problem is not settled, then I need to find another phone and maintain this Tablet as a tools for internet usage only..hmmm...One way to solve the problem with calls is find a bluetooth which is wayyyy less expensive than finding a phone..betoi tak?

Hehehe...malas la nak banyak2 sangat gadget dlm beg..Skang ni dah tak payah dah nak bawak lappie ke hulu ke hilir sebab nak menaip bila dtg ilham kan *gaya2 ala penulis gittew*..Kalau sampai kt lab, boleh buka fail dan edit kalau perlu..Anyway, Polaris Office dalam Tablet ni, xde la perfect sangat macam words dalam PC kan..tapi, untuk tulis, baca dan edit sikit2 ok jer..Nak baca pdf file pun boleh. So, boleh simpan jurnal dalam Tablet ni..Dah x takut kena tinggal laptop dalam keta, keta kena pecah kan..Walaupun sesekali mmg kena bawak laptop (laptop pinjam), tapi, kalau setakat jejalan n tetiba rasa nak baca jurnal or menulis literatur yang jarang sekali berlaku, sambil lepak2 kat McD Tablet adalah sangat membantu..hehehehe..Cuma...I segan la nak amik gambar pakai Tablet..besau benau dan tangan asyik goyang jer..gambar pun blurr..Mulalah verangan nak beli DSLR kan...hohohoho